Dive Locations

* Monday morning two tank dive – Pilot Boat Wreck & Harbour Reef (Drift dive)
* Monday afternoon one tank dive – Bali Barge Reef
* Tuesday morning two tank dive – Debbie II Wreck or Arashi Reef & The Antilla Wreck
* Tuesday afternoon one tank dive – Sonesta Reef
* Wednesday morning two tank dive – Jane Sea Wreck & Barcadera Reef/Kantil Reef (Drift dive)
* Wednesday afternoon one tank dive – Sponge Reef
* Thursday morning two tank dive – Finger Reef & Masbango Reef (Drift dive)
* Thursday afternoon one tank dive – Harbor Reef
* Friday morning two tank dive – Sonesta Airplane Wrecks & Sponge Reef (Drift dive)
* Friday afternoon one tank dive – Sonesta Reef
* Saturday Morning two tank dive – The Palm Slope or Plonco Reef & Skalahein (Drift dive)
* Saturday afternoon Closed – Sunday Closed
* Night dives are done on request either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
* Resort Diver Lessons are done on request from Monday to Saturday in the morning or afternoon
* Pick up time in the morning during week days:
* Seaport area: 8:15; High Rise area: 8:30; Low Rise Area: 8:45
* Pick up time in afternoon for all area is between 2:00 and 2:15

Nitrox Available

Our boat is docked at the Renaissance Marina
For more information and reservations please contact:

Williamstraat #8
Oranjestad, Aruba
Phone: 011-297-582-7337
Cell: 011-297-594-5045
Fax: 011-297-588-9544

Free Hotel Pickup and Return Trip