Dive Locations

Monday; Pilot Boat Wreck & Harbor Reef or De Palm Slope & Plonco Reef.
Tuesday: Debbie II Wreck or Arashi Reef & The Antiila WWII Ship Wreck.
Wednesday: The Jane C Wreck & Barcadera Reef or Skalahein.
Thursday: Finger Reef & Masbango Reef or Mangel Halto
Friday: Sunken Airplanes and Sponge Reef.
Saturday: Captain & Divers Choice.
Sunday: Closed.

Other available dive sites on request; Mike’s Reef, Puerto Chikito Reef, Sonesta Reef, Tire Reef & Pedernalis:

Afternoon dive sites can be chosen from the following list: Sponge Reef, Sonesta Reef, Tire Reef, Sunken Airplanes, Pilot Boat Wreck & Harbor Reef.

Sunken Airplanes

One of our most requested dive sites, the Sunken Airplanes are sure to impress! Rising up out of the depths these planes have been cleared for diving and are one of the most amazing dives you will ever experience!