We have been diving with Clive for over ten years, He's the best! Only small groups and full bottom time. Clive knows the best spots. Dive with Clive!
Dave & Karen, South Lake Tahoe, CA

I was in Aruba in mid August, 2012 and did a resort dive course with Clive. I was certified many years ago so this was a refresher course for me, but my two sons (13 and 15) were diving for the first time. Clive was extremely thorough and patient with the instructions before we went out to dive. His gear was in perfect condition. He was a pleasure to be with, and my sons had a wonderful experience learning to dive for the first time. One of my sons had some trouble equalizing, as did I, but Clive was very patient and very attentive. In the end we were able to stay down for 40 minutes and had a great time. We felt extremely safe the whole time. I would highly recommend Clive and would use him again without a doubt.
Gurmeet, New York

I dove w/Clive on Sept 16th-19th. There were two other divers Monday & Tuesday(Grant and Kevin). We all enjoyed. Wednesday, it was only myself and Clive. For those whom have booked with other dive operators, you know that most have a minimum of 6 divers. Not Dive Aruba!! Do yourself a favor and maximize your bottom time(60 minutes or more all of my dives). Clive makes you a better diver by slowly exploring the reef/wreck and not expecting you to move at a fast pace. Book w/Divearuba.com and you won't be dissapointed. Regards, Doug Beck
Doug eck, southern Indiana

I have dived with Clive probably 6-8 weeks over the last few years. Always a good time and the kind of diving I like. I have over 500 dives and do not like to be herded on a cattle boat. Clive takes you to beautiful spots and gives you time to dive the way you like.
Deb Bennett, US

Got a chance to dive with Clive and Mark on a recomendation by a friend. I have dove with many in Aruba but our trip to the Antilla and Blue reef was fantastic. I would highly sujest that in you are planning a trip to Aruba and hope to get in some good bottom time, give Clive a call. Thanks again Clive.
Don, Wappingers Falls, NY

I dived with Clive and his son back in the summer. He operatesca nice laid back operation but ensurescsafe diving. Dive times werevgenerally limited by your air consumption and many dives were over tne hour. Whilst other dive operators hassle you to conform to strict times clive just goes with the flow. When diving the utilla we went through the ship and i believe he is tne only operstot to do so. I cannot recommend clive and his son mark enough, great operation and even better diving in a great location.
Dave thomas, Bristol, UK

Diving with Clive and his son was an amazing experience! As a new diver, I was concerned about how everything would go, but Clive and his son were very attentive, took care of everything, and made sure I got the most out of each dive! I dove with them for 3 days in May, and it was the best part of my vacation! For a personalized experience, this is the dive company to work through, and I'll go to them the next time I travel to Aruba!
Matt Connolly

These days when a dive operator promises unlimited diving (max 60 mins) I go hmm...whats the catch here. But Clive kept his promise and we had some marvelous 18 dives where we were allowed to stay under the surface 60 minutes every time. Well yes, we could stay there for alonger but those locals dive with shorties and start to freeze :) I can truly recommend Dive Aruba and if you gonna go there, be sure to book your dives in advance. There is a reason why everybody wants to dive with Clive: The stroopf waffels!
Marco Christensen

Received my open water cert. from Clive very knowledgeable & helpful small operation which I liked. there other exp. divers on board which talked highly of Clive & his son Mark He was always showing me something useful for my future dive Tx Rick B
Rick Balentine, Phila. Pa

Just finished 5 days of diving with Clive and Mark. Easy going, chilled out diving. It felt like we were diving together as a small group of friends rather than a dive guide/client relationship. Good bottom times and allowed to get the most out of our air rather than diving to a tight schedule. Definately the way to dive.
Andy Dyer, Bristol, UK

Just returned from vacation where I dove two days with Clive. Can\'t say enough about Clive and his son Mark. What a great time. Long dive times and the best spots. We had several others who came on with us after cancelling with other companies that forced them to come up with over 1500 psi left in their tanks. Once again, thanks Clive for a great time and can\'t wait to come back down.
Nick Pacura, Ohio

We did three dives with Clive this week. He was very personable and gives you a great dive experience. His groups are small so you don't feel like you are in a cattle herd. Nice relaxed trip and you are not rushed so you get to see everything. I would highly recommend diving with Clive and would go again anytime.
joanna, tallahassee, fl

In early spring of 2011 we completed our Open Water class material and the associated pool sessions. We were missing the Open Water dives required to become SSI certified. Since it was still snowing here in Michigan, it would have been kind of hard to complete these dives in a frozen Lake Michigan. We had a vacation planned for Aruba in late spring. Through some careful ground work, we were referred to Clive Paula at Dive Aruba as a dependable, experienced PADI dive instructor. We scheduled our dives with Clive ahead of time and had our local dive shop coordinate all the paperwork prior to the trip. Even though Dive Aruba’s dive boat was in for scheduled maintenance, Clive accommodated our tight schedule and arranged a wonderful set of shore dives. He is a very professional and experienced dive operator with a main focus on safety and customer satisfaction. He made us feel relaxed and at ease. It was clear from day one that Clive at Dive Aruba was going to be our regular operator of choice in Aruba. This Christmas we are planning another trip to Aruba and again we will be diving with Clive. Both Iselle and I are ecstatic with these upcoming boat dives. Let it snow (here in Michigan), yet we will be basking in the sun and exploring the blue waters surrounding the beautiful island of Aruba with the trusted guidance of Clive. Thank you very much Clive and we looking forward to many more splendid dives with you.
Gunnar & Iselle, Michigan, USA

Just returned from a week's diving in Aruba with Clive and Mark.They were great hosts and experienced divers.Their knowledge of the area and diving sites made my dives with them very rewarding.
Ed Stanton, Bayou Vista, Texas

My daughter and I dove with Clive a couple of weeks ago in late July. I would highly recommend Clive to anyone looking to dive in Aruba. He's very professional and takes care of everything. Of course it did not hurt that my daughter thought that Clive's son was nice looking! When my family comes back to Aruba, we'll Dive with Clive.
Brian Farmer, Morristown, Tennessee