Tell Us About Your Dives

Marvelous dives

These days when a dive operator promises unlimited diving (max 60 mins) I go hmm...whats the catch here. But Clive kept his promise and we had some marvelous 18 dives where we were allowed to stay under the surface 60 minutes every time. Well yes, we could stay there for alonger but those locals dive with shorties and start to ...

Marco Christensen

Always a good time

I have dived with Clive probably 6-8 weeks over the last few years. Always a good time and the kind of diving I like. I have over 500 dives and do not like to be herded on a cattle boat. Clive takes you to beautiful spots and gives you time to dive the way you like.

Deb Bennett, US

Unforgettable experience

I just got my open water certification in August, and Clive took me out for my first Caribbean dive last Monday. It was an unforgettable experience. There were only 6 of us out for a 2-tank dive trip, and I was one of the least experienced divers. Our first dive took us to a wreck in about 90' -- the ...

Jerry Zeidler, Danville, PA, USA